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Prime Mechanical Contracting, LLC has worked on numerous projects ranging from simple installations to major development. Below is a selection of projects representing our wide scope of capabilities.

Chiller Plant Renovation

Client: New York Life Insurance

Scope: Phased removal of 5 central station chillers, chilled water pumps, and condenser pumps. Phase installation of 2 new 750 ton electric centrifugal chillers, 2 new 1,500 GPM chilled water pumps, 2 new 2,250 GPM condenser water pumps, 2 new 3,000 amp electrical services with new 750 KVA step-up transformers, digital controls, insulation, general contracting, masonry work, structural steel, fireproofing, commissioning, and water balancing.

Main Air Handling Unit Replacements

Client: Olympic Tower Associates

Scope: Phased removal and phased replacement of 2 built-up base building perimeter air handling units (64,400 & 37,880 CFM) and 2 built-up base building interior air handling units (103,000 & 89,000) to include all temporary systems, demolition, masonry work, piping, ductwork, electrical work, direct digital controls, insulation, general contracting, commissioning, air & water balancing, and complete M.E.R. floor waterproofing.

IDF Closet Cooling System

Client: Sullivaqn & Cromwell, LLP

Scope: Installation of IDF closet cooling systems on 15 floors to include ductwork, piping, direct digital controls, insulation, core drilling, general contracting work, electrical work, commissioning, air and water balancing.

Cooling Tower Replacements

Client: New York Life Insurance Company

Scope: Removal and replacement of 3 500-ton base building cooling towers to include sand filtration systems, structural and dunnage steel, roofing, electrical work, piping, rigging, heat trace systems, insulation, general contracting work, direct digital controls, commissioning, and water balancing.Add News Story here

Cooling Tower Replacements

Client: Xerox Corporation

Scope: Phased removal and installation of 3 350-ton indoor cooling towers to include roofing, structural and dunnage steel, rigging, carting, piping, electrical work, and filtration systems, direct digital controls, painting, general contracting work, commissioningm and water balancing.

Cooling Tower Replacements

Client: Coca-Cola Company

Scope: Phased removal of 1 1,200-ton built-up cooling tower with phased installation of 2 700-ton stand-alone cooling towers to include structural and dunnage steel, rigging, carting, electrical work, piping, sprinklers, emergency generator, direct digital controls, general contracting work, roofing, masonry work, commissioning, and water balancing.

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